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Chinook's Treasures

So what is Chinook's Treasures?  Who is chinooK?  chinook was our pet ferret and is the mascot of our business.

chinook's treasures is your gateway to wonderful items for sale offered through household name web sites such as amazon and e-bay.   chinook the ferret knows what you are looking for and we encourage you to explore the many delights of chinook's treasures.

we are private party sellers that sell our merchandise on e-Bay, and other online sites, some of our items are new and some are used.  

We pride ourselves on our selling practices.  We have a perfect seller record with countless praise from our online customers and encourage you to read our online feedback from our buyers.

Our mission statement is to provide world class service to our customers.  Our items for sale can be found on our ONLINE STORES tab,  so please free to visit our sites and in the meanwhile enjoy the free downloads.

 The Story Behind the Ferret:

We found Chinook, our pet ferret in 2004 on a dark cold night lost in our neighborhood. 

He would have perish from the night elements if we did not take him into our home that night. 

When no one came forward to claim him, he became an instant member to our family and has been a joy to both of us ever since.  He was a fun loveable creature and what better way to show our love for him by making him our company mascot.


                                          Chinook left us on February 22, 2012 of cancer.  Our Music Tribute to our Ferret! 


Thank you for visiting our site  

 Tim Smith, Owner